Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cool Kid Confusion

Damn, I was smooth

I mean, I am STILL smooth
Drinking until I was nice
Always making the crowd laugh
Maintaining my end of the conversation
Master of this social contract, folks
Numbers? Secured.
Friends? Numerous and ever growing.
Kisses? Stolen, given and all enjoyed.
All good.

Then my coolness collided with your confusion.
Or maybe my confusion.

Not to say you weren't cool yourself.
You were one of the coolest.
You were just a different brand of cool than the others.
That's how it usual goes, right?
The world could see your cool; I just could see your cool in its entirety.
Your wit, your moves, your shake, your sass, your laugh, your smile.
Your cool attracted my cool.

Your cool confused my cool.
My cool had never been shaken as much by another's cool.
The only thing is I'm sure my cool did the same to yours.

Was it an even collision? I don't know.
I'm unsure at times still.
I definitely think my cool said "TILT"
Yours? I don't know but you were definitely bumped out of your groove.
I'm at least at that level of cool.

I'm living in cool kid confusion but with an assured feeling of my feelings.
I believe you are trying to retain your old cool or find an unexplored cool.
This I understand; I lived there once in that place.
My current confusion just has me shook up to ill logic sometimes.

Maybe one days we'll get our cools properly attuned.
Go to a cool mechanic for an alignment.
Or, do it like I like, DIY style.
Til then, I think we both live in the land of Cool Kid Confusion.

Damn. I was smooth.


I only half miss it.

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