Wednesday, May 15, 2013

City Creature

I am an urban animal

I journey through the great concrete canyons and asphalt valleys
Shark movement, eyes forward, always on the go
Weaving amidst crowded sidewalks like elite drivers through heavy highway traffic
Backs to the wall, facing into the room, unless with my pack
Arachnid daydream webs being spun between moments
Chiropteran and chthonic nightmares tumble from above and below
Running through forests only a few miles square
My jungles contain the most dangerous of the apex and unmatched beauties
From orderly grid work to sprawling borderland blight

I go to beaches and do not swim
I go to parks and avoid the trees

Fall arrives- house parties, park drinks, planning adventures, twilight enjoyment
Hoodie life explode
Winter comes- ash on cold corners, hibernating, prayer to the gods of heat and hooking up
Partying and events slip
Spring blooms- rainstorms shake the glass towers, clothes shorten, we all work out and body watch
Exploration is the mode
Summer scorches- backyard BBQs, sweating on buses and trains, escaping underground death
AC on the roadtrip

In any season, you can enjoy/tolerate/hate the human mosaic
Sometimes all at the same time
Pan sexual and more colorful than Benetton hit by a rainbow
It is maddening but enlightening, frustrating but joyous
My environment can change but I still remain the same
Viewing the world through life-lived, smog colored, predator seeking glasses

I am an urban animal

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