Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Great Beast

I'm happy today and I haven't been in this mood for a time now
It's because The Great Beast slumbers
I can hear the rumbling snores and feel the twisting of its body
Maybe it has been surprised by that weird knight that counts random numbers
Or maybe it has been exhausted because it knows that the battle it fights
 It will ultimately lose

There are times when it has me on the ropes, beaten down with world vision
But I can never give up; my stubborn barbarian won't allow it
He speaks in grunts but always drags me through the battle
Even when I don't see the point of the fight he is there to rumble
At times becoming as bad as The Beast itself
Still, I'm glad for the assistance at the end of it all 

The Great Beast has allies and I need all the help I can get

The Great Beast is often followed into war by a crazy daemon
He rides The Beast sometimes and has me worried that my good mood isn't natural
Is that what is going on now?
Does the daemon have control again?
No, I'm merely content not erratic.
Both of those monsters are asleep in their cages, along with the dragon

It only began as a wyrm when I was young but I caged him quickly.
While others felt free to let out their young dragon, on a leash or not, I kept mine in check
Afraid of the fire it spit out.
I've seen it in action in others, growing out of control.

No way would I let that occur with me.

In the dungeon you go.

Somehow still, the wyrm grew bigger.
I tried to starve it but while battling other monsters and beasts, it ate.
It consumed all the negative experiences and grew strong,
Straining at the limits of its room becoming a dragon named Fury.
It is still in check but I fear the day it'll get loose.
I fear the monsters I could have become under its influence.
So, for now, it's caged and kept far away from the influence of The Great Beast.

The Great Beast still sleeps and the daemon is far away.

Still, I have two monsters I am consistently fighting against.
One is as old as the first breath I lost and the other is new as...well
We'll get to that one soon enough.
Let's go back to the former.
Generally skinny, tall, smiling with menace, I hate the first monster.
He stops me but at the same time I must battle him to move forward.
Changing forms, each battle is new; the results are different depending on will.
He eternally stalks me, all of us.
Some are better at staring him in the eye and striking him down.
Others succumb to him, much like they do to The Great Beast.
We all must face him at one time or another, How you do decides your path.
I always know this but must remind myself before the opportunities passes.
It can be beat but the struggle never ends.

I would rather face any of these than the new monster.
With all those other monsters, I have control; I can figure out ways to stop them with focused effort.
The latest monster is much harder to subdue, to stomp down.
Naga royalty with the face of the one you love that doesn't love you back,
Singing a siren song that always brings you back under its control.
It allows you to be happy listening to the melody of its voice
Before whipping your feet out from under you with its tail.
Landing right on your face, it rears back and punches a whole in your soul.
The worst is the icy feeling that spreads from the wound that begins to burn.
The only defense is the meditating monk that allows other thoughts,
Other thoughts to quiet the song and mask her/his face.
I love that monk; he's effective against many of the monsters living in here.

Speaking of, I can feel The Great Beast shaking its head.
Awaking to try to cause havoc again.
Reinforcements must be roused and defenses set up.
Never give up and call out for the monk.
That's the only advice I have at the end of the day.

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