Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Red Days, Cold Nights

Stuck, not enough time to get back to your tribe
All of your family is together for this moment, hopefully
You stand alone in a field of high grass
Trees sway far off in the distance as the wind kicks up
The sky is gray between bruised purple and fiery red clouds
All around is emptiness as you hear far off thunder
But it's not thunder
Those are explosions from the ships high in the sky
Dropping small stars to break us and the planet
Far away travelers with malicious intent
Unknown was the reasons for the attacks
It doesn't even matter to you right now
Reason doesn't tell you if your family's city is burning
Nuclear winds buffet planes in the air, flying is impossible
Roads lead to craters and charred buildings, cars are no go
Destruction or takeover?
No one knows the end game
We don't even know their faces
Reports run rampant on you small radio on the back of the motorbike
Rampaging gangs, zombies swarms, mutated dogs, toxic air
These are rumors but the devastation is real
Large machines also fall from the heavens
War-golems, screeching air wings, creatures in giant exoskeletons,
Large tanks with heavy treads unloading short extraterrestrial soldiers
Various sized enemies bringing one thing to this party- extinction
There is no time to contemplate strategies and plans
There is only survival and locating your family on your mind
Cities will be vaporized, buildings will fall, crops will be burned
All you can concern yourself with is getting out of the path of destruction
Finding the way out of the darkness is the only option
Climb on your bike
Turn on the engine
Ride out
Avoid the highways
Stay low
Stay warm
Stay smart
Find your family
Strike back if you can but
That is your true mission

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