Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Small Towns

The beer bottle looks like it's sweating
Sitting in this Land Cruiser, playing rap, drinking the last home beer
There is no rap music in the bar, or at least very little
So I soak up some more urban beats as I sip to the bottom
Bathe in the last dregs of my city music before small town dance
I adjust my bent rim basketball cap, my major league city hat
I haven't picked a local college team but I'm zeroing in
The major sports team here sucks but the ladies make up for it
Small classy country chicks to big badass backwoods mamas
I fall in love nightly, again and again
And they love my up north talk if not my old city walk
Even the guys are friendly, to a point
They hate my comic book t-shirts I wear around here like armor
Like it's my business suit because I avoid an office
But it's Saturday and I'm here to mingle and not talk about that
Doesn't matter where you live, weekends and late nights are Lethe
Except here you sit under giant fans and the talk is syrupy slow
At least for the first few hours
It can be syrupy sweet too but you gotta move fast
Things close earlier down here, 'round here
I pull my sticky, faded Superman t-shirt from my chest
My baseball hat gets another shift, it's faded too
I'm on my way to faded, from drink, not smoke
Though if I find Jimbo I might go down that back road too
But my goal is a girl who dances in tight jeans tonight
Dancing awkwardly but well at points in an equally tight shirt
Black like asphalt, brown like fudge, red like this dirt
Yella as the sun or white as her uncle's Klan sheets
I'm happy with my partners on my dance card
Swaying back and forth in the summer's heat
Humidity like a Zion party, sweaty walls
Tumbling to a pick-up, groping in a dark room with bad A/C
Collapsing in joy and from sheer exhaustion and drink
Leaving in the morning before she rushes off to church with her great aunts
Me? Heathen
Plus I got work to do, pictures to draw and words to write
My mind and thoughts an offering to older, ancient deities
Whose god or gods or goddesses are real?
Who knows? Who cares?
I left the jungle to pause time
I'm just here to enjoy the slow, smooth comfort of small town living

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