Thursday, July 22, 2010

Prometheus In A Cage

The ceiling rumbles as the great beast slumbers
Your dungeon cell is hot and uncomfortable as you try to sleep
You can feel the weight of tons of earth above your head
When you do sleep, most of your dreams are troubled and fevered
The other ones are divided between hope and past regrets
This minor imprisonment should be a way to the future
All your tools are here and new ideas spring to mind hourly
Too many ideas and your fear of trying to challenge the gods
This is what stays your hand and ruins your nights
The giant winged beast above turns over and the ceiling quakes
His dreams can only be guessed at; maybe dreaming of your fresh liver
The cycle continues and the chain on your ankle is right there
Waiting to be unclasped by you but fear takes your heart, mind and hands
You are able to build her box and give torches to show others the way
That power needs to be transferred to your own salvation
But the beast hangs above your head and your cage is dark and hot
The fire you gave and the hope remaining in the box is just outside of reach
So you sit and lay your head back
As the beast rumbles and snores overhead
And you try to dream of a tomorrow with progress

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