Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shadow Of Metal Birds

I've always lived by the aeries

The noise of the giant birds landing and flying over head
Those were the sounds that rocked me to sleep
Those were the sounds that roused me from slumber
Silver rocs roar before lift-off
Auric patterned simurghs gliding towards perches
Thundering loud hawks
Swooping iron sparrows
Pewter peregrines performing tricky maneuvers
One after another they alight and rise all day
Into the night they climb the thermals with their glowing eyes
Shaking houses were supersonic chrome falcons
Returning or leaving for journeys across the ocean

They have become extinct

But the other avian giants still fly in the clouds near the water
Comforting to watch, I'm caught in the updrafts on some days
They seem so quiet when they are far and high away
So loud, booming as they approach
So loud, screeching as they leave

I've always lived by the aeries
It may explain my wanderlust and need to travel
The birds go to places I've never seen
They taste the ozone of the atmosphere
Some even have licked lightning on occasion
Some have crashed and fallen, burning from the skies

Still they fly

I've always lived by the aeries
Maybe one day I will not
Maybe I'll move to a place where they fly too high to be heard
Too far to even be seen
Perhaps that will kill my desire to leave and go to other locales
But not today

Today I'm here, watching their silver wings and tails
As they cut through clouds and brush homes

I've always lived by the aeries.....

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