Friday, March 19, 2010

Party At The End of Time

The music is playing; Gorillaz' Some Kind of Nature, he thinks
It doesn't even matter, he's just happy to be here
He picks up the bottle of vodka
He refills his red plastic cup
Laughs at something someone says
Married friends are telling jokes in the kitchen, he laughs on the perimeter
Hugs are giving to one of the wives and he leaves to the living room
Before he makes it he bumps into a former co-worker who he still talks to
She gives him a peck on the cheek and tells him about her new boyfriend
Smiles on both their faces greet this news; he hated the last guy
In the living room it is crowded
People group together on couches and in chairs
Wii games are in full force and the people watching are excited
Almost as much as the people playing
High-fives and pounds are given around the room
Light claps on the backs greet the tall girl and short guy playing now
His brother stands near the door talking to another tall girl
The cigarette sits behind his brother's ear and under his cap
There is a nod between him and then it's out the door
The door to the backyard is wide open
Even more people are standing around out here
The pool water is clear but has that look that only comes as dusk approaches
His old high school and college friend sit in lounge chairs
A few of his newer pals are in the pool and a quarter are in the hot tub
He says hi to them all and looks for his cousin near the DJ booth
One of his newer friends has chosen to take over djing duties
Just like he had taken over bartending duties earlier that day
His cousin is dancing with her friend and he gives her a spin
The journey around the pool's water continues
There is a small group sitting in a circle playing cards
He kneels down next to a young woman taking pictures
They hug and talk for a second before he moves on
Railing borders the grassy area where a few more groups chat
He makes his way to the rail where a lone figure stands
She is a stranger but looks just like someone who he once knew well
The red dress she has on is fluttering in the light wind
It hugs her curves closely and he hesitates before moving forward
She is shoe-less; he remembers passing a stone bench with sandals on them
He knows they are hers because the sandals had dolphins on them
She has a wineglass in her hand filled with a amber liquid
Her sunglasses are red and inlaid with black diamonds
She wears no jewelry except for a simple silver ring on her finger
He moves to stand next to her and look out past the railing
The greenery and houses spread out before them as the sun sets
"It's almost time," she says before raising the glass to her lips
He turns to her and breathes out, exhale, and turns back to the view
"I can't have another day?"
She finishes her drink and licks her pink lips
"No. I'm sorry. This ends when the sun sets. Everything ends."
She turns her head and looks at him; she smiles
"Don't worry. You'll return again, in some form. Embrace this feeling."
He looks back at his friends and family enjoying themselves
They aren't real and they aren't here; here isn't even here
The music isn't playing, the wind isn't blowing, the pool is empty
It's all a final illusion to grant peace on his journey
He turns to look back at the woman
The woman who looks so familiar is still smiling as she reaches up
And takes them off; her eyes are pools of ebony
The abyss is total in her eyes, flowing into forever
Eternity beckons and her sweet voice tells him
"Let go. Sleep and be at peace. There is always another tomorrow."
His red plastic c u p f a l l s t o t h e ....

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