Friday, January 2, 2009

Too Emo (although I wrote it)

This city is damn bright
I’m from the Big Apple and this is still bright
I can bare it though
This weird and surreal amalgamation of sights and sounds
I just left a pirate ship and now I’m passing gondolas
Italian songs echo off the wall near Nic Cage
This volcano has been dormant for months but it is erupting tonight
Dollar beers make up for the heat
Sort of

Asian, Black, Hispanic, White
Tourists are tourists in any city
Obvious and slightly oblivious
Locals are always absent, working or sliding like ghosts through the crowd
This second Bud is getting warm but I’m broke so I’ll savor it
Waiting on Empire via Sunshine State friends as I text/tease a cohort

The moon looks nice over this tower
A little sickle in the sky
Wish I was up there
Have dreams of gliding over this place
There is music in my ears and the night is at my back as I soar
Can see the crowds but can just barely hear the cabs
I’ll stick around for awhile before blasting away to the right

Over new favorite places for awhile before returning home
Soak in that urban heartbeat, that city pulse
Leave and enjoy some country rhythm
Might just keep going to new venues

More distant towns
More far away villages
More streets on fire
More cities pulsating

Pass the City of Lights to go to another city of lights
Odd, all three cities have the same tower
Time to see true blood in that lit city
I see exotic, inviting faces beckoning me back for another visit

Return to terra firma
Reality and rent kick back in as my feet touch the ground again
I take another swig

One day I’ll fly

Maybe tomorrow

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