Thursday, April 9, 2009

Morning Potential

The Venetian blinds move to a rhythm
The shadows of the slats dance over the beige carpet
“I see sounds” is the first thought through his head
The television is on mute and the remote sits on the coffee table
Sunlight streams in with every movement
He stands in his bright, white t-shirt and the blue terry cloth pants
That his friends call stripper day off wear
Or his brother calls “Juicy Teen Jeans”
He laughs at that a bit; it’s funny and true
His cat, Grey, comes and walks near him
Grey rubs her body against the soft fabric of his pants
He can tell the feline wants to be petted but he just stands there
He is watching the dance of the slats and enjoying the calm moment
This is a rare perfect moment before the world intrudes
He looks down at Grey and whispers “Schrödinger”
He could be anywhere at this moment
The blinds becomes a border for the universe
A cityscape can lie outside the sliding glass or a parking lot
Maybe a meadow that stretches to a far mountain range
Perhaps a great, dark forest filled with ursine and lupine forms
Hunger in their eyes at night, asleep right at this moment
He chuckles at himself and whispers again
“No. Not Schrödinger. Everett. Definitely Everett.”
All those worlds are potentially out there
It is his choice which one exists
Just as it is his choice on how he will look today
What clothes to wear, which shoes to slip on
Possibility is what existence is about, on any level
Anything is possible, improbability is what stops us
Improbability is not a concern for him though
He left that barrier back on the other side of yesterday
He kneels down and picks up Grey to his chest
She rubs her head against his unshaven chin and he smiles
“What will it be today, huh?” he asks
“What should our universe look like today, Grey?”
The cat merely purrs and licks her sandpaper tongue on his face
He smiles again and his hazel eyes flash as the sun sneaks in
The slats continue their dance
“Okay. It’ll be a surprise. Let’s see.”
The man reaches out a free hand and pulls back the blinds
Today is the beginning of a new possibility

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