Saturday, December 27, 2008


Camera phones clicking and paparazzi surrounding
Video being recorded to broadcast on television
Uploads to the internet from the various news vans on the perimeter
Crowds moving as close to the barrier as possible
Security looming large by all of the barricades
Perfect smiles of the interviewers and the interviewees
The red carpet stands as the epicenter for this modern day circus
Well manicured nails and perfect hair pose in front of the various advertising
Adonises walk arm in arm with perfect young starlets
The new pantheon stands in front of the gathered masses
Separated from the everyday by literal and figurative barriers
These events are the times when they leave their lofty perches
Placed on pedestals by the people they stand in front of
Dressed in the finest garments, they appear to the crowd as a dream
The pinnacle of human satisfaction with life under dark night skies
They lived the lives that the crowd wants and reaches up for

Except for two
There are two individuals who stand across from this surreal scene
The short female chuckles at this while the tall male looks stunned
His confusion is evident from his eyes which reveal that this is unfamiliar to him
The liquid amber of his eyes convey amazement
The short slightly golden woman was not just chuckling at the people’s reaction
She looked at his face and laughed at him as well
Everything was new and beautiful for him and she loved it
She could feel the heat through his light jacket and placed her hand on his upper arm
The golden boy fell from the sky a few months before
He was truly a stranger in a strange land
The powers that be were probably still searching high and low for him
Powers from three worlds, powers that could only travel miles or skip over galaxies
It didn’t matter to the youth as he took the world all in
He looked at the young woman next to him
The Starchild was happy where he currently stood
He could spend eternity right here, right now

The woman at his side pulled them away from the falsely praised
She led him to a side street away from the crowds that gave unearned honor
He looked at her and smiled as she went to step on top of his feet
Power was shared but she couldn’t fly on her own yet
She wasn’t happy with this but he told her what he always told her
She was the reason he was able to soar through the air
And he flew higher when she was in his arms
Her smile was all he needed to scrape the clouds
She smiled at this, told him he was corny and he beamed at her still
He knew she was stronger than him at the end of the day
Her will was what made him able to do all that he loved
Being here was all that he loved
They looked up as the sky began to release a slow drizzle
Smiles remained on their faces- hers aimed skyward, his aimed at her
She pulled herself closer to him and heard his strong heart beat
Skyward they went as the rain caressed their golden faces
Together with the unknown lying ahead of them
Above it all

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