Thursday, February 12, 2015

How To Create A New God

(an excerpt from The Book of Power by Agata Hekate Newton)

There are six ways to transform a mortal into a deity that are known to man. One must realize that these are dangerous paths and to receive the full power of a god usually causes the human form to be destroyed, along with the potential loss of one's soul.

Proceed at your own risk. Also, when I say god that also refers to goddesses, Old Ones, alien overlords and other beings of power lost to the antiquities.

Avatar- The first course of action a person may use to gain the powers of a god is possession. A person finds a god and allows that deity to enter in and use their body as the vessel for their power on this planet. Usually this isn't the full measure of the god's abilities and only a measure of their great and terrible powers. Alternately, since gods operate in higher dimensional realms, humans for the most part only encounter a facet or aspect of the god they interact with. This lesser portion or version of the god will possess the human fully and there is less of a chance of early death from too much power in the human form. The risk, as always, is losing one's self to the more powerful personality of the deity.

Pregnancy- A person can become pregnant with the child of a god. I use person because gods are not constrained by mortal limitation and can and have in fact impregnated men and women before. The child that is a result of this process is not a true god but a demigod- a being with a mixture of the abilities and limitations of both its parents. During the course of the gestation, the human parent is protected from harm by the infant inside. There is also a measure of powers convey to this parent during the pregnancy that may be employed. It is up to the deity if the human will retain these powers after the demigod is birthed.
Warning- In addition to the usual potential problems, the process of conceiving may destroy the human. A god usually tries to protect the human from allowing this from happening because the human parent may be the conduit for the child to gain power and knowledge on Earth but some of the more alien of gods don't factor this into their chthonic thought process. Be forewarned.

Contract- This path is reserved for those individuals who are well-versed in older magick or have a broad range of esoteric magical knowledge. A person has to figure out how to bind a god or an aspect of a god first. This usually requires a totem of the deity and a Chaos or Seelie trap. (DO NOT USE ANY UNSEELIE OBJECTS OF POWER!) Once the deity is trapped the mortal must offer a written contract for its servitude with limited freedom to act. This is usually very involved and meticulous, hence why the sorceress or sorcerer who takes this route must be very knowledgeable about The Arts. Any loopholes or errors will result in devastation and death for the mortal and anything they love.
To even get to the point of developing the necessary knowledge to attempt a contract binding requires great study. The magician who obtains this level of mastery usually gets enough power to do incredible things and may not even want to take the next step to gain additional god-like powers.

Human Sacrifice- The path of sacrifice is viewed by many to be the most horrible to many individuals outside of the final way. It involves the eradication, whether slow or fast, of the human soul. It has historical precedence but is the way of the most immoral. A person must sacrifice aspects of their humanity to obtain the powers of a god. They either gain the powers of an old god or becomes a new god. It is always a god of bloodshed and pain. The sacrifice always involves blood and murder. Through the process of eroding the soul, the individual gains more space to be filled up with the powers of a god. Focused murder and elaborate rituals brings great power but the person is no longer the person they were before. Or maybe they become the most concentrated form of the evil inside if they are willing to even contemplate attempting this process.

Bloodline Power Boost- This process and the last process following involves temporal manipulation. (See section on Time Travel- page 56) This route requires jarring one's self out of the timestream and encountering multiple ancestors, preferably ones that are directly related to the person making this attempt. During each journey to the past, the magician teaches his ancestor magical knowledge and directs them towards objects of powers and guides them into creating a better and stronger magical being. This will result in a bloodline full of magic users and a being approaching god levels in abilities. The time jumper must then used the gained knowledge and magic in his/her bloodline to push past the edge into deity territory.

Immortal Looping- The final path to godhood is a combination of temporal manipulation and human sacrifice. It is also potentially the most dangerous and damning. To acquire the abilities of a god through this path, one must go back in time and carefully assassinate their direct ancestors. After this is accomplished, then they must kill their mother before a short time before she gives birth to the time jumper. This will create a temporal and spatial paradox that will shake the reality of the universe. The risk with this is a) timing is crucial b) the universe as an organism always tries to defend itself from the cancerous effects of paradoxes and c) a more powerful deity may take notice and destroy the human before they can accomplish their goal or right after.
This path also only gives immortality. The person must then acquire magical knowledge and abilities through study and objects of power to finally attain true godhood.

These are all paths to achieving the abilities of a god. With these ways and the application of either joyous worship or fearful supplications from others, powers are increased and true godhood approaches the mortal plane.

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