Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Ultraviolet blue pills from three universes away
Freely handed out on the side of the club
The dealer is a tall brown skin woman with huge star Bootsy glasses
She has on a small red fur coat although it is warm for October
Her purple leather skin pants are tight and her heels are absurd
They give her even more height
She says very few words but the small crowd around her in the club was enthralled
You and your girlfriends follow her outside when she beckoned
"I want you to see the truth" she says
"You seem to be the only truth seekers here,
So the multiverse's stream will be shown to you."

Your girlfriends, bolder than you, smile and dry swallows their pills
You gaze at the blue pill, wary of the sacrament in your hand
But the tall, weird Amazon guides your hand to your mouth
"Down the grezlak hole" she says.
Before you can ask what a grezlak is, the night turns to true night

Silence and then a weird assortment of animal sounds in the darkness
An orange light grows in the distance. alien sunrise
The club is gone
The woman is gone
In her place, an angel
You have no idea how you know this but you know she is an angel
But not the cherubs from greeting cards or the robed figures in churches
No, a real angel

She towers over you, her multiple wings flowing from her back in a multitude of colors
Colors you have never imagined and don't have the words to describe
They spark as they touch the ground with their tips
Avian wings, insectoid wings, bat wings, all are there
A flickering blue sparks hovers above her head
Her long hair flows down to her chest which is covered in necklaces and jewelry
A sarong like dress covers her legs but one pokes out
It looks like the leg of a giraffe and you are sure you see a lion tail swishing behind
You look up at her face and see the darkest, deepest eyes
You wish she still had on those silly sunglasses
You turn back to avoid their gaze as she smiles with the mouth of a shark

The sun has risen and the land is alight
You realize that you are on a cliff looking over a foliage thick valley
Weird trees are behind you and your friends
The animal sounds are increasing, mostly coming from the valley
But there are more noise coming from behind you, including an odd buzzing
The fear on you is reflected in the eyes of your friends

"Look up" the angel says in a sweet voice with an undertone of thunder

Above your head, angels are flying towards the valley below you
Unlike the angel standing next to you, these angels have on armor
They have swords and spears and maces, glinting fiercely
The buzzing from earlier was the sound of the wings of angels
They turn in the air as a group and then hover over the valley
The buzzing increases

The animal sounds have become quieter and have quickly died behind them
Suddenly, a sound like a roaring lion mixed with a chimpanzee erupts from the valley
A spear shoots out of the valley and skewers an angel
Silence stretches again and then an angel in platinum armor shouts a guttural cry

The angels dive bomb the valley

One of your friends turns to the angel and asks "What is going on?"
The angel looks down at her
"Bear witness to the ending of the children of the first woman.
Bear witness to us freeing the ground for the rise of your people."

Trees are felled and the battle is able to be seen in patches.
War sounds and shouts and cries of pain rise up the valley wall.
The noise makes you shudder to your core.
The angel smiles down at your group.
"You humans," she giggles with bass accompaniment.
"You turn your head away from your history of tooth and nail."

"Your history," mumbles one of your friends under her breath.
The angel turns her head swiftly and her eyes crackle with lightning.
"YOU DARE, MONKEY?" she intones.

"What makes you better?" you whisper as you fall to your knees.
The sight and sounds have hit you with enhanced drug fueled clarity.
"What makes these creatures monsters? What made us better?"

The angel seems mad but then she smiles at you
"Nothing," she replies.
"Our master said for us to save you and destroy these mistakes.
Errors that were made by this great being," she says with sarcasm dripping.
"They could not be allowed to live but you lot were allowed to thrive."
She looks around your group of friends and smirks
"I would have chose otherwise. We HAVE chose otherwise."

You look up at her face as these words sink in.
Your friends also look at her terrible visage in confusion.
"What do you mean?" you manage to mutter at her.

She smiles again.

"Your landlord has left this universe, probably to start again.
"He has left my kin in charge in absentia. We are the new judges.
"We will become the old executioners once again."
She backs up and armor slowly flows over her form.
A fiery sword appears in her head
A gold helmet with a single eye hole assembles itself above her mouth.

"The time of man is at an end. You will join your old cousins in the wastes of antiquity.
"This experiment is OVER!"

The angel raises the sword and you put up your hands to block the strike.
Your eyes close.

Your eyes open when the blade doesn't drop.
You look around and it is dawn on the piers near the club.
Your friends are all asleep on the ground around you.
The valley is gone, as are the angels and the creatures they attacked.

You hear footsteps and turn around.
It is the dealer/angel and she stands above you with a smile on her face.
She looks down with a smile and extends her hand
"Nice trip? Enjoyed reality and the truth?"
You hesitate but grab her hand to stand up.
"What about my friends?"
She looks around at them.
"They'll wake up soon enough," she says.
"The trip only lasts a few hours for most people here."

You look at her and her weird clothes and then laugh.
"Those were strong pills," you chuckle.
"I don't want to do that again. It was freaky and kind of terrible."

The dealer giggles.
She pulls off her shades revealing her eyes.
Her dark, deep eyes, crackling with lightning.
"Oh, my girl," she says "You know nothing of terror.
"But you will. All you monkeys will."
She pushes her glasses back on her face and saunters off.

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