Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cartography by Edward D. Smith*

(*actually written by me, from something bigger I'm still working on)

Our hands are clasped in the darkness of your room
Or is it my room? It doesn't matter.
What matters in our shared universes are these moments
The only thing that is important is the heat from where we are joined
I open my mouth and my tongue traces lines
Neck, clavicle, breast, nipple, stomach, below
I enjoy the taste of salt and the smell of peaches
Or strawberry or vanilla or your own aroma
I rise from the depths to gaze into your eyes
It doesn't matter the color of them or your hair
Everyone is a brunette exotic beauty in these pockets of darkness and time
My mouth finds your mouth, my hands find your hips
As we grind against each other, I wonder
What do I appear like to you?
Physiology change, bodies slicken, glisten
I enter and you gasp/bite/yell/moan
This is the paradise that we all search for
You are the secret map that I have been looking for
Rough tidal yearnings, soft mountains, wet valleys of pleasure
I plot out all your skin, all your secret areas
Your lips part as we continue, your hands grip me, demanding
I try to pull back from the edge but you have gained super strength
Somehow I manage to slow down time
I take those stolen seconds to enjoy the aerial view
This is different every time
Rounded hips, swell of breasts, curving buttocks
It is good every time
The moment passes, freeze frame ends, all of the time rushes back in
My control slips and you know it/are shocked/are sad/love it
We crash together and I rest on your shores
I will get lost again and need to explore again
One day I will be a master of your feminine cartography

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