Monday, January 11, 2010


They come in the night
While you rest your head
Utilizing the distraction of
Cyclops trying to fracture the walls of realities
Ghost warriors fighting for the soul of the chosen
Bound in chains, forced to fight dragon-men in arenas
Ancient kings and death merchants calling for cinematic endings
Vicious valkyries flying over head holding bronze spears close
Angels wearing chrome sneakers on motorcycles to the rescue
Free to romance space goddesses from the lost pantheons
Kicking titans in their chests to fall off clouds to Eternity
Adventures with jet pack men and cyborg detectives
Chasing down demon teens with Old One faces in anachronistic cities
Where bladed witches working Chaos magicks with blood spells
Against warlocks attempting Order enchantments to enslave
The Universe in back rooms of seedy dive bars
Launched back into the inky darkness, trying to get home
Redshift seen through the polarizing shield effect of the living battle cruiser
Racing past solar flares through cores of gas giants
Rushing to the event horizon and pulled back at the last second
Armor is scorched but the alien leathers are burned completely off
Giant black brass war wolves with diamond teeth greet you in old forests
Rode like streeds by red Amazons with battle lust in their eyes
You face off against frost giants and berserker beast-men
War rages around as you are knocked back, back, back into
Johari windows looking deeply into the Universe
Trapped by the trickster god in the Room Without Doors
Freedom is gained through chicanery multiplied by a fearless heart
The Golden Door appears and the exit is illuminated to Solar Midnight
Transforming to
Your Bed
Your Nightstand
Your Alarm Clock
Returning you to the mundane yet safe reality level you exist in

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