Sunday, September 2, 2007


Watching FutureWeapons on the military channel. Very interesting show about the development of lighter and better weapons. Good to see we have weapons being developed to help our soldiers that are fighting. But… I watch I’m sort of dismayed that this technological development would even have to exist. We are constantly developing new and interesting way to kill our fellow man. The one thing we as a human race seem to excel at is making new, better, faster and more effective ways at killing members of our species. The US spent about $335 billion on military expenditure in 2003. Sure, we were/are still at war but seriously, we can’t spend that amount of money on something else? How about more schools or programs to stop kids from killing each other?

By the way, the country that spent the next highest amount on military spending was Japan at $46 billion. Japan? Really? Who are they fighting? Were/are they involved in the so-called "war on terror" like us?

This whole little rant is just for me to say that although I have shot guns in the past, I’m not a fan of them. I understand the use of rifles for hunting (although, that is a subject I vacillate on as well) but the development of handguns and military armament is different. Those are weapons MADE to kill other humans. Kind of makes me a little sick to think about it. Not sure what to be done about it and I still at the end of the day believe in the statement about pacifism being a luxury that some are able o in dulge in only because others are doing the fighting; just thought I would mention it since it popped into my head just now.

Back to watching bombs eradicate villages. Enjoy your Labor Day.


Rock Digz said...

Hey, sometimes you have to fight to defend your freedom. I'm not saying that the American government is fighting for freedom, I know better than that. I'm saying maybe war is needed in some cases. Perhaps Japan is buying weapons to protect themselves from George Bush.

Peace, I mean WAR!

littlelazer said...

Yeah, it's real crazy that we spend more than the next like 8 countries combined. I don't have a problem with countries spending to protect themselves, it just seems a waste since we're paying for stuff that won't even help in wars like the one we're fighting right now. We're paying for shit like the space missle defense system and bullshit like that. I don't have much of an issue with spending on troops and anti-terrorist shit, but I doubt we still have to worry much about people launching ICBMs at us.