Sunday, September 30, 2007


Just came back from walking around town today and saw something that gave me hope. It was an out of shape dude with glasses with a hot girl holding hands. Now, I know what the first thought is that runs through the mind, particularly since this is Vegas- Was she a hooker? (Don't worry I thought it too) Not a hooker. Dressed down hot chick with a baseball cap on. Very cute.
The way they were looking and talking to each other made it evident there was a lot of feeling involved. Made me think about those "hot wife, sloppy husband" shows (ie King of Queens, Still Standing, The Simpsons). Always thought those shows were bs but this made me think that it COULD happen.
Made me have high hopes for my future, especially considering that, at least I think, I'm not as sloppy and inept as these guys. Good stuff.

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